About Us

Excel Vision Marketing was established in 1998 as a small-scale company which only dealing with office supplies.  In year 2000, EVM has expanded into printing industry and setup its printing factory in Pudu, Kuala Lumpur. In order to remain competitive in this fast-paced marketplace, EVM has ventured into premium and corporate gift business with a vision to provide a wider range of products and services in order to meet the increase customer demands.  As at today, EVM also provide support services as one-stop buying house for corporate companies in Kuala Lumpur.

Products and Services
Excel Vision Marketing carries a wide range of office supplies such as stationery, paper products, office automation & equipment, office furniture, computer media, safety product, pantry items and etc. Besides office products, EVM also provide administration support services such as bookbinding, photocopy, lamination, certificate/photo framing and digital print.  We provide printing service to many training companies mainly in Oil & Gas industry for their seminars conduct in KL & Singapore. 

Why choose EVM as your vendor in One-Stop Office Supplies?

✔    Integrated Solutions save company time and make life easier.  Customers do not have to go through many suppliers to give them the solution that they need.  EVM is your ONE-STOP center for office supplies & other office related services.  We solve your headache by providing outsourcing service for product A to Z. 

✔    Price is the important factor most of the time, but not all.  Some customers are happy pay a premium to purchase from EVM whose track record has been proven to be trustworthy.  EVM has priced its products and services competitively.  Some competitors sell HP toner at very low price, are the products originally from HP? There are many fake products in the market, some of them may not be differentiated easily.

✔    Value. Customers will turn away if EVM do not provide good cost/ benefit ratios. We sell quality products and delivering value added services to meet the customer satisfactions. As one time-proven marketing adage suggest, “Under-promise and over-deliver.”

✔    Speed is everything.  Armed with reliable and experienced sales personnel, who has served corporate companies for almost 20 years and recognized the needs & rules of the company, EVM confidents in delivering products and services faster than its competitors.

✔    Innovation.  Continuous improvement of products and services means greater value for the customers, while also increasing our productivity. EVM will adapt timely and pro-actively to new market challenges in order to sustain its competitiveness.

Due to the changing values in consumer buying culture, Excel Vision Marketing always strive to provide top quality products and services to meet the customer expectation.  As much as the company sells good quality products, our customer service is second to none.  These two factors have clearly differentiated EVM from its competitors and create strong bonds with its customers.  Our experienced sales staff will listen to your needs and provide the best solutions.  Our delivery team will ensure efficient and on time delivery.

Excel Vision Marketing will always maintain this policy “Quality and service are the essence of growth” in its everyday business activities.  We will continue to embrace new innovative ideas, source new products and will seek for further upgrade in providing efficient service towards the betterment of our customers.