• CANON F-789SGA Scientific Calculator

CANON F-789SGA Scientific Calculator

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Dual Way Textbook Display


Featuring two types of input and display formats ('Mathematic' & 'Line' mode) for easy scientific operations. With the advanced dot matrix textbook display, all inputs and calculations are shown in the common hand-writing style. This makes complex operations user-friendlier than before.



172 patterns of Units Conversions and 79 built-in Constant Values are included in F-789SGA. This allows users to preview instantly before input. We make difference by adding user-friendly features like APPS key, which is designated for recalling quick functions menu and quick reference card for easy reference for constant values and APPS menu.

Advanced Functions


605 advanced functions performed by Textbook style display. The F-789SGA is suitable for users from elementary level to professional level. Powerful functions include Matrix up to 4x4 with 4 memories and Vector up to 3x3 with 4 memories, Equation operations up to 4 degrees or 4 unknowns. Simply the smart choice as a lifelong mathematics partner.

Specifications for F-789SGA

Display TypeLiquid Crystal Display
Line of DisplayDual-way Textbook Display (Line or Maths mode)
Upper Line:Natural Display
31 x 96 dots
Lower Line:
Display Screen Size61 x 25mm
General CalculationYes
Total Functions605
Store & Recall Memory19
Metric Conversion172
Scientific Constants79
Calculation Expression Direct InputYes
Parentheses [ ( ], [ ) ]99
Random NumberYes
Least Common Multiple (LCM)Yes
Greatest Common Divisor (GCD)Yes
Quotient & Remainder Calculation (Q...r)Yes
Sum & product of the Input Function (∑ & ∏)Yes
Prime Factorization (Pfact)Yes
Absolute Value Calculation (Abs)Yes
Max & Min value in number seriesYes
Multi-statement CalculationYes
Improper, Mix Fractions, Decimal conversionYes
Module Calculation (Mod)Yes
Matrix Calculations (MATX)4 X 4
Equation Operation (EQN)Up to Quartic & 4 unknown
Trigonometry, Inverse TrigonometryYes
Angles (Degree, Radian, Gradient)Yes
Coordination Conversion (Rectangular <-> Polar)Yes
Low Battery IndicationYes
Automatic Power OffYes (7mins.)
Power SourceDual Power ( Solar & Battery)
Dimensions (L x W x H)168 x 80 x 17.3mm (with cover)
168 x 80 x 13.15mm (without Cover)
Weight120g (with Hard Case)
88g (without Hard Case)
Other Features1. 7 mins. with memory protection while power-off
2. Anti-bacteria body casing
3. Some parts are manufactured from recycle Canon product material

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